Steven D Farmer
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Dr Steven Farmer is a respected Author, Teacher, Soul Healer, Ordained Minister, Psychotherapist (retired), Hypnotherapist and Songwriter.
I was drawn to his Oracle Cards and books when visiting my local crystal/spiritual/new age shop, although I had actually gone there with something totally different in mind!
After becoming totally immersed in his work and the cards, I decided that it was something that I wanted to share with others through this website, so I mailed Steven asking for his permission to implement his writing/teachings into a new web page, so that I could offer you the "Messages from your Spirit Guides" experience here, at Tranquil Waters.
Steven responded positively within just a couple of days, kindly giving me his permission and his blessings to do the same.
Steven is clearly a very gifted man, and I am honoured that he feels this website is a suitable place for us all to enjoy and expand upon that which he has taught me through his work.
Thank-you, Steven!
11th May 2010
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